Posted on February 2nd, 2021 by Mathmos

Lava lamps are not usually associated with outdoor usage… until now. Mathmos noticed this gap in the market and created the fantastic candle-powered lava lamp range to overcome these limitations. The Mathmos candle lava lamps are portable, high quality, and a great talking point at a table over a few ice-cold drinks on a warm summer evening.
The Mathmos Pod+ is an excellent addition to Alfresco Dinners. The large stem gives the lava lamp height, making for a striking table decoration. Why not use the Fireflow candle rocket lava lamp to bring some fun to your family BBQs in the garden?
When the night draws in, the flicker of the tealight candle sets a calming atmosphere to help you relax. Try using a citronella candle in your tealight lava lamp to avoid pesky mosquitoes; Also handy for beer gardens, Summer parties, restaurants, and beach huts.
The Mathmos candle-powered lava lamps featured in James Whiting’s Planet Studio Exhibition at Britain’s iconic RHS Chelsea flower. James’ fantastic displays for the Houseplants Studio section at Chelsea have secured him gold medals two years in a row. He curates fascinating exhibitions using houseplants and retro classics in a nostalgic display which viewers resonate with. Planet Studio is the name of the 2022 entry for James and is inspired by the iconic 1970s Manhattan nightclub Studio 54.
Studio 54 was a world-famous nightclub on 54th Street in Manhattan, NYC. During the ‘70s, at the peak of Disco’s popularity, Studio 54 was a celebrity hotspot with the likes of Bowie, Mick Jagger, Elton John and Andy Warhol frequenting the club’s dancefloor.
With a combination of houseplants, Mathmos lava lamps, disco balls and vinyl records, you can create your own Studio 54 inspired vibe at home.