Comfort in the Past

Posted on January 8th, 2021 by Mathmos

During times of difficulty, we often turn to things from the past, as they remind us of happier times and provide us with a sense of comfort and safety. Open a tube of smarties, enjoy the colours and the taste and instantly become a child again spending your pocket money. Ride your bike and remember the newfound thrill of independence from sunnier days. Here is a great article on this in the New York Times.

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Mathmos Retro Lava Lamps Could Make You Happier

For many people, Mathmos lava lamps spark a sense of nostalgia for good times from the ’60s or the ’90s. The slow calming movement of the lava combined with the warmth of the light and the strong colours create a sense of wellbeing.

Mathmos retro lava lamp pin badges
Mathmos Limited Edition Pin Badges

We enjoy delving back into our past; we created these limited edition pin badges based on Mathmos fly posters that were posted around the UK in the late ’90s. Made for us by historic badge makers Fattorini they are a numbered limited edition of 2000. You can buy them here:

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It made us happy to watch this classic ’70s TV advert for R Whites Lemonade again. It has been remade in various ways over the years and many of us can relate to raiding the fridge at odd times while we are spending so much time at home.