Mathmos Lava Lamp Community

The Mathmos Lava Lamp Factory

The Mathmos Lava Lamp Factory Showroom is now open to visitors.

We have been based in Poole, Dorset, UK since 1963. We have moved around into larger and smaller factories and back again, never moving far from our first factory on Poole Quay.

Collecting Mathmos Lava Lamps

Mathmos is very fortunate to have an active collecting community that collect both our vintage and current lava lamp models. We ensure we provide spares for most of our classic models and offer a range of services and limited-edition products for our community. Make sure you sign up to our email lists, Instagram and Facebook to join in.

Lava Lamps For Wellbeing

In a large survey of Mathmos customers, 97% said that looking at their Mathmos lava lamp made them feel calmer. The slow ever-changing movement of our unique formulation makes an ideal focal point for relaxation.

Mathmos has been supplying lamps for Sensory Rooms & Snozelrooms for many years. Our lamps help the users of those rooms to calm down and provide a range of useful tools to help treat a range of conditions.