New Lava Lamp Shop

Posted on July 14th, 2023 by Mathmos

Mathmos Opens New Lava Lamp Factory Showroom

As part of our 60th birthday celebrations we have opened a shop and showroom in the Mathmos lava lamp factory. The showroom is inside the factory where all the Mathmos lava lamps are hand filled and sent out to customers all over Europe. QR codes in the showroom take visitors straight to each product’s webpage on their phones and knowledgeable staff are on hand to assist visitors.

The full range of Mathmos products and colourways are on display from small candle lava lamps to giant lava lamps including floor standing Saturn. No need to book just turn up during opening hours and our premium lava lamps are available to take away or to be sent anywhere in Europe.

Watch the Mathmos Showroom Video

Lava Lamp Showroom Design

The Mathmos Factory Showroom is designed by London based Counterfeit Studio who have designed shops for Moleskine and Carhartt amongst others. The brief was to design a space that would look and feel like the factory it is and be fun and engaging to visit. We are expecting collectors, Mathmos fans, rainy day holiday makers and locals.

Proudly Made in Poole, Dorset Since 1963

Mathmos has been based in Poole, Dorset since 1963, the year the lava lamp was launched by the inventor of lava lamps and founder of Mathmos Edward Craven Walker.

Every Mathmos lava lamp is hand filled in the Poole factory with Mathmos’ unique lava lamp formula and Mathmos is proud to have been manufacturing our classic lava lamps in Britain since their launch.

Reasons to Visit

There will be discounted spares and knowledgeable people on hand to help recondition Mathmos lava lamps made from 1963 to the present day. There is an on-site while you wait etching service. And a certain number of limited-edition products will always be available on release day in the showroom. There will also be a some Mathmos merchandising only available from the showroom.

Customers will be able to take advantage of a while-you-wait etching service on the Astro lava lamp range. Perfect for gifting or a personal touch to your collection.

Showroom customers will receive 30% off spares with no minimum spend and discounts on selected lava lamps.

Poole is the home of the lava lamp, and the new showroom is the perfect place for customers to come see the high-quality Mathmos lava lamps and celebrate locally made products.

Previous Mathmos Lava Lamp Shops

Mathmos have a tradition of shops connected to the place we work. We started with a showroom space at our office in Drury Lane Covent Garden in the early ‘90s. This was famous for its window displays designed by graphic artists Dave Towers and Rob Lowe. This was followed by a showroom in our Old Street building designed by Industrial Facility we also had a tiny boutique in Covent Garden designed by Carl Turner. Our last London showroom before we decided to base everyone in the factory was in Hoxton designed by Simon Maidment.

Mathmos moved into the current larger factory in 2020 and we always intended to open a showroom, but Covid intervened. As we turn 60 it feels good to link the place were we have always made the lamps with the place that we sell them and we are looking forward to meeting some of our customers face to face.

Mathmos HQ in Poole, Dorset.