Lava Lamps in the 1990s

New Ownership

In the ’80s lava lamps had fallen out of fashion until the Craven-Walkers teamed up with young entrepreneurs, Cressida Granger and David Mulley. Cressida had realised their potential after seling them on her vintage stall in Camden Market where Marc Almond was a regular buyer.


The range was restyled and presented to a new generation with the original company name Crestworth being replaced by Mathmos (referring to the bubbling force in the cult1960s sci-fi film, Barbarella). This led to the second era of extreme popularity, with millions being sold worldwide.

The Origin of our Name: Mathmos

Mathmos takes its name from the cult 1960s French Sci-Fi comic strip Barbarella. The Mathmos is the bubble liquid force under the city. Barbarella was also made into a film in 1968 staring Jane Fonda with costumes by Paco Rabanne.

Drury Lane, London

Mathmos open their Drury Lane shop and offices visitors include Sir Paul Smith, and Yasmin and Simon le Bon.

Mathmos in Film & TV

Giant Mathmos Lava lamps appear on the set of Channel 4’s The Word. Lava lamps are also shown on Chris Evans’ TFI Friday and The Big Breakfast.

Lunar & Telstar Launches

The Lunar is launched. This floor-standing model appears in Absolutely Fabulous and The Graham Norton Show where Telstar also appears.


Mathmos is included in the Fast Track 100 list as the UK’s third fastest growing manufacturer and wins two Queens Awards for Export. Mathmos’ in-
house graphic design team win Best Commercial Website at the Yell awards and Best Multi-Media prize at the Design Week awards.

Old Street, London

Mathmos move into their Old Street Headquarters.

Space Projector, Faze 1,2 & 3 Launched

Mathmos’ enduring favourite Space Projector, a lava lamp projector, is launched. Mathmos branches out into colour changing lamps with the Faze series.