Today is the Centenary of the Birth of our Founder and Inventor of Lava Lamps

Posted on July 4th, 2018 by Mathmos

To celebrate we are giving away 100  lava lamps. To enter follow Mathmos on social media today and look out for our #ECW100 competition posts.

100 Lava Lamp Give Away

In celebration we are giving away 100 of our popular Fireflow candle powered lava lamps in silver or copper. Fireflow is great in groups so we are giving away batches of 5 Fireflows to 20 lucky winners.

To enter, follow us on Social Media and look out for #ECW100 posts.

Edward Craven Walker (ECW)
Mathmos Founder and Inventor of Lava Lamps

ECW, is shown above with his wife and business partner Christine Craven Walker. Besides inventing the lava lamp ECW was a great entrepreneur and a bit of an eccentric. This summer we will be posting facts and images about him and his times. We invite you to share your images of your vintage lava lamps and any lava lamp stories at #ECW100.