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The Saturn giant lava lamp is the biggest production line lava lamp ever made, standing at 5ft (1.5m) high. Saturn works like a regular small lava lamp, there is no special filling or assembly required. Saturn is made entirely in the UK by hand to exacting quality standards, with ultra-clear borosilicate glass and hand-polished spun and laser-cut aluminium. Saturn is filled to order, choose from 10 colour combinations, it will arrive at your door within 2 weeks of your order (4 weeks in the EU). Each Mathmos Saturn has a unique dated instruction book and replacement bottles and bulbs will be available on an ongoing basis.
Mathmos Saturn Giant Lava Lamp
Mathmos Saturn Giant Lava Lamp Production
Mathmos Saturn Giant Lava Lamp Design

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Height: 152 cm (59.84 in)
Width: 54 cm (21.26 in)
Weight: 24.7 kg


Bottles: Glass, Made in Britain
Metal: Polished Laser Cut & Spun Aluminium, Borosilicate Glass Bottle
Lava: Mathmos special formula, Poole
Light: 120W linear halogen capsule bulb, GU10 240V
Colour temp2900K
Flood angle36°
Energy Label G


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  • How do I fit my halogen bulb? (Saturn)

    Fit the bulb into the product by pushing one end in and springing it into place between the lamp holder contacts. 

    Ensure that each end of the bulb is sitting entirely in the lamp holder.

    Please find more guidelines for assembling the Saturn product on the product page 'Instructions' tab here.

  • How long should it take for my Saturn lava lamp to warm up?

    The Saturn lava lamp should start working within three to three and a half hours after switching it on. First, they will form stalagmite shapes before the liquid lava formations. Please note that new bottles may take longer to heat up, but the time taken is expected to decrease after several uses. If your lava lamp does not warm up during this time, it may be positioned in the wrong place, or the room temperature may be too cold. Mathmos lava lamps should be located away from drafts or air conditioning and at room temperature of 20 to 24 degrees.

  • How much does the Saturn weigh?

    The Saturn weighs 24.7 kg in total. The stand and aluminium parts weigh 5.7 kg, and the bottle weighs 19 kg separately. Important: Lifting the bottle is a two-person task. With one person on each side carefully lift the bottle into position.

  • What size is the Saturn?

    The Saturn lava lamp measures 152 cm (59.84 inches) in height, 54 cm (21.26 inches) in width, and 48 cm (18.9 inches) in depth. The spread of the legs is 61 cm (24.02 inches) in diameter.

  • Is a switch included with the Saturn lava lamp?

    The Saturn lava lamp is fitted with a foot switch; this does not require a large amount of force to operate.

  • How long is the mains cable for the Saturn lava lamp?

    The Saturn is fitted with a 3-metre cable. Important: Ensure the power cable can reach the socket location without being overstretched and does not become a trip hazard.

  • What are the slots in the feet for?

    The slots enable you to fix the product to a surface should the need occur (i.e., in public areas). Please use fixings that are appropriate for the floor surface.

  • Are the halogen lamps used in Saturn being banned?

    These lamps are currently exempt under the new UK and EU Ecodesign regulations.

  • Can the Saturn lava lamp be used in public areas?

    Yes. Please perform an independent risk assessment like any other electrical product in a public space.

  • Why is my Saturn lava lamp not lighting up?

    Please check that your bulb is working. Alternatively, please check the integrity of the fuse located in the plug. If you need further assistance, please contact us here.

  • What is the best way to move the Saturn lava lamp?

    First, unplug the product and wait for it to cool completely. With two people, gently lift the bottle off the stand and set it safely to one side. Move the stand to your desired location and re-position the bottle on top. Never drag the product as this can permanently damage the stand or cause this to tip over.

  • I can sometimes see a blue flash of light from the foot switch. Is it safe?

    Yes, it is perfectly safe. When the lava lamp is switched ON a live electric current is restored on the circuit, this can occasionally create a small blue flash.

  • Can I buy replacement parts for my Mathmos lava lamp?

    Yes. Mathmos lava lamps are designed to last and reduce landfill where possible. You can find replacement lava lamp parts such as bulbsbasesbottles and other small extras here.

  • What are the differences in quality between a Mathmos lava lamp and others?

    Mathmos have been manufacturing high-quality lava lamps in Britain since 1963 and provide a comprehensive range of spare parts. Our unique lava formulation offers a superior flow, longer life, clearer liquid, and the most vivid colours. We operate to the highest safety standards and build quality, and several independent bodies audit us.

  • Why can I see a metal spring/coil floating in my lava lamp bottle?

    The metal spring is an essential component in any lava lamp. This should be found at the bottom of the bottle. If this becomes dislodged, please run the lava lamp for up to six hours. This process may need to be repeated. 

  • The replacement bottle I ordered does not fit my lamp. Can I change it?

    Please contact Mathmos customer services here.

  • Why has my lava lamp made strange stalagmite shapes?

    This is how a lava lamp works. These stalagmite shapes are the early stage of the warming-up process. Please leave the lava lamp on for longer, and this will start to melt and form moving lava shapes.

  • Why does my lava lamp colour look different to the picture?

    Mathmos lava lamp bottles are made by hand, so there may be small variations in the colour. The appearance of colours can vary under different lighting conditions. For reference, our photography will usually display products in a lighter environment. Read more about how lighting can affect lava lamps on our blog here.

  • What is Mathmos doing about the halogen bulb phase-out?

    Don't worry. Whilst some halogen bulbs are being phased out for lighting purposes. Mathmos uses compliant halogen bulbs to heat and light its lava lamps. We also have alternative ways of powering our iconic lamps should there be any further changes to the regulations in the future. We are committed to ensuring that our lava lamps stay out of landfill and spares will be available on an ongoing basis.

  • What is the lifespan of a Mathmos bottle or bulb?

    Mathmos lava lamp bottles last for approximately 2,000 hours. The life of the bulbs can vary depending on usage as halogen bulbs are very delicate. Replacement bulbs and bottles are available to purchase from our website here.

  • How long can I leave my lamp switched on?

    Most lava lamps can be used for up to six hours at a time, except for the Candle range (maximum 4 hours) and the Saturn Giant lava lamp (maximum 12 hours).

  • Where is the Mathmos brand on my lava lamp?

    This will vary per model. The Mathmos logo will either appear on the base, cap, or the label on the lead. In most cases, it will be etched onto the bottle.

  • Why does my lava lamp have specs and bubbles in the glass?

    Mathmos lava lamp bottles are manufactured in one of the highest quality automated bottling factories in Great Britain. Small bubbles in the glass are a normal part of the manufacturing process and are not a fault.

  • Why does my lava lamp bottle leave one large bubble sitting at the top that does not move?

    The lava lamp has overheated. It may have been on too long (more than 6 hours). Alternatively, the placement may be unsuitable, such as near a heater or window. Please turn off the lamp and allow it to cool. Reposition your lava lamp to a suitable placement between 20 and 24 degrees.

  • Can I buy Mathmos lava lamps and spares for delivery to the USA or Canada?

    Not at the moment, but please sign up to our USA mailing list to be notified when you can buy from us here.

  • Why is my lava lamp bottle cloudy?

    Lava lamps can become cloudy for two reasons; either they have been shaken or moved whilst hot, or the bottle has reached the end of its life (approximately 2,000 hours). This is often irreparable. Run the bottle a few times to see if this improves the situation. If the bottle does not clear you can purchase a replacement bottle for your lava lamp here.

  • Why has the liquid in my bottle gone clear?

    Over time the dye in the lava liquid will fade, particularly if positioned in direct sunlight. Contact our customer service team here if your lamp is still under warranty and the instructions were followed. You can purchase a new bottle here if your lava lamp is no longer under warranty.

  • Do you offer any colours in addition to what is shown on your website?

    Mathmos has offered a huge number of lava colourways in its long history, but sadly it is not possible to keep every colour in stock. Please choose from our current range. We cannot offer a custom refill service on an ongoing basis. However, please sign up to our mailing list and social media channels as we occasionally offer limited special fills.

  • Can I buy new liquid for my lamp, or do you offer custom refills?

    We do not offer lava lamp bottle refills. Lava lamp bottles are sealed units and should not be tampered with for safety reasons. Do not attempt to top up the liquid as this will void the warranty and could lead to overfilling and increased pressure on the glass as the liquid expands. We do not sell the liquids separately, but you can buy a new bottle and its professionally filled contents from the Mathmos website here.

  • Why can I see air bubbles in the lava?

    Small bubbles in the lava are normal, particularly when you first receive the lamp. As you use the lamp over time, the bubbles will reduce.

  • Why is there wax sticking to the side of the bottle?

    First, try using the lava lamp a few times and monitor the wax; this should join the rest of the contents. Contact our customer service team here if this does not occur, and the instructions were followed. Please consider purchasing a new bottle here if your lamp is no longer under warranty.

  • Why can I see a foreign object in my new lava lamp bottle?

    There should be nothing in the bottle besides lava, liquid and a metal coil. Sometimes you may notice darker specs in the lava as it is flowing. As each batch is individually made, varying amounts of dye particles can sometimes be observed in the lava. These will often fade over time and are not considered a fault. Please contact our customer services here if you see anything else in your bottle.

  • How should I recycle my lava lamp when it reaches the end of its life? (Except Saturn)

    Why not purchase replacement parts? You can find spares for most models of Mathmos lava lamps from the 1960s to the present day on our website here. If you must recycle the unit, please take your unit to your nearest household recycling centre, which specialises in recycling electrical waste.

  • Has the formulation of Mathmos lava lamps changed?

    The formulation has improved since the 1960s making our lamps less likely to cloud in the heat or freeze in the cold. However, we have not changed the formula in many years.

  • Why does my lava lamp bottle not flow or make lava shapes?

    Check your bulb is working and is the correct wattage.Check you have positioned the lamp away from drafts, air conditioning or a window. Try the lamp in a new position in the room.Make sure the room is at least 20 degrees centigrade.The lamp will take longer to warm up the first few times; run the lamp for 4-6 hours each time.If you have an older base check the correct light source is fitted: see our bulb section for the possible bulbs here.Check there is a coil at the bottom of the bottle.
  • How can I clean my lava lamp?

    The bottle should be cleaned with a glass cleaner and a cloth. The base and cap are either Aluminium or Zinc (depending on the lamp you own) so please use recommended products. If in doubt just use a soft cloth. Do not use abrasive cleaning products as this can irreparably damage the lamp.

  • My lava lamp is faulty, what can I do?

    Firstly, read through these FAQs to see if your question has been answered. If not, we offer a one-year warranty on all our products and up to two years if bought directly from our websites. If your lamp is within the warranty period, please contact our customer service team. Please read our Faulty Product Returns Advice.

  • Can I buy a new screw cap for my lava lamp bottle?

    Mathmos lava lamp bottles are sealed units and so we do not sell the screw cap separately, but you can buy a new filled Mathmos bottle here.

  • My lava lamp broke on the floor, how do I clean it up?

    Dispose of as much of the liquid and lava that you can remove from the floor. Then use recommended cleaning methods for removing coloured water and wax specific to your floor type.

  • How old is my lava lamp?

    There have been many small changes in the manufacture of Mathmos lava lamps over the long production period. Dating lava lamps is not something we can do for you. To begin this process, you might visit one of the specialist sites, such as

  • Do you supply replacement lamp holders for my base?

    Due to electrical safety regulations, we cannot supply replacement lamp holders separately. Fully assembled base units are available from our spares section here.

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