Pod+ candle lava lamp: Copper


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Pod+ is made of copper-plated cast metal and works with standard tea lights; three are included in the gift box. Warm-up time is quicker than larger lava lamps at about 20 min. Pod+ can be placed anywhere in the house or in the garden on still evenings.
Mathmos Candle Lava Lamps

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Height: 25 cm (9.84 in)
Width: 9 cm (3.54 in)
Weight: 1.12 kg


Bottles: Glass, Made in Britain
Metal: Cast zinc alloy base and bottle cap, copper finish
Lava: Mathmos special formula, Poole
Light: Tea light (included)


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  • How long should it take for my candle powered lava lamp to warm up?

    Candle-powered lava lamps should start flowing within twenty minutes after lighting. First, they will form stalagmite shapes before the liquid lava formations. Please note that new bottles may take longer to heat up; the time taken is expected to decrease after several uses.

  • Which tea lights should I use with my candle lava lamp?

    The larger tea lights with a height of 15 mm work best. Tea lights can differ in flame height, heating ability and wick length. If you have a lower tea light, you could try and raise its height by placing a coin underneath.

  • Will candle-powered lava lamps work outside?

    Yes. Like any unprotected candlelight, you will need a place with no wind.

  • What extra safety precautions should I use when using a candle powered lava lamp?

    Firstly, please read the instructions carefully. Following any points that are relevant for all tea lights.

    DO NOT: leave unattended, leave on when going to sleep, use water to put out the flame, let debris (like part of a match) sit in the tea light, position near anything flammable, touch or move when lit, position near drafts, vents, children, or pets.

  • Why is my bottle not sitting straight in the base?

    When the bottle is placed on a base, it should fit securely, although it will still be possible to move the bottle from side to side, and a shadow gap may be visible.

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