Lava lamps help you relax and relieve stress

Posted on December 20th, 2021 by Mathmos

Mathmos candle-powered lava lamps are some of the best stress relief and relaxation gifts. In a survey of 5,000 people, 93% of responders told us that their Mathmos lava lamp helps them destress. Give the gift of calm to yourself or your friends and family with our candle-powered range, which includes Fireflow, Pod and Pod+, recently introduced to the range in copper.

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In a world of instant gratification, hectic schedules, and deadlines, people are looking for ways to destress and restore balance in their lives.

A counter-movement to the chaos of life is emerging for people claiming back inner peace. The art of slow living encourages you to take a slower and simpler approach to life to avoid stress, move forward with purpose, and bring more meaning to your life. 

Slow mornings are a great way to introduce this practice into your routine. Wake up early, pour yourself a cup of coffee in your favourite mug, sit in a peaceful place and light your Mathmos candle-powered lava lamp. Use the 20-minute warmup time to take some time for yourself in solitude and enjoy the calm around you. Once the lava is flowing, you could say a positive affirmation to yourself or out loud every time the lava globule rises or simply concentrate on the slow movement of the lava. Then, when you are ready, blow out the candle, go about your day with mindfulness, and remember to take it easy – there is no rush!

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Mindfulness sessions look different to everyone, so portability is crucial to our candle lava lamps. We didn’t want wires to be a limitation which is why the Pod lava lamps are perfect to use in the bathroom. Run yourself a bubble bath, light your Mathmos Pod lava lamp and dim the rest of the lights. Allow the flickering of the candle and gentle lava flow to provide the perfect relaxing environment to help you unwind and destress after a long day. Once cooled, the Pod can be moved to another room to set the ambience for Yoga or meditation.

If food is more your language, do not fret; cooking yourself a lovely meal or ordering food is a form of self-love. Use the Mathmos Pod candle lava lamp to set your table for dinner to create a calming ambience with the candle’s warm glow and the lava flow. They are a great talking point for guests and are used in restaurants and kitchen tables worldwide.

They look great in multiples, and we offer a discount for purchasing more than one at a time. In addition, you can join us on our social channels, as we often provide giveaways when making new colourways.

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