Rokit Box Contents

This product comes with six components:

  1. Base Assembly
  2. 3 x 80W R7s Bulbs
  3. Glass Shield and Screw x 2
  4. Allen key
  5. Bottle
  6. Spun Metal Cap


  • For indoor use only. Choose a position on a clean, sturdy and horizontal surface.
  • Do not place near sources of heat or cold, such as a heater or air conditioner. The product operates at its best in a room between 20º C / 68º F and 24ºC / 75º F.
  • Keep the cable away from heated surfaces.
  • For best performance we recommend you keep the product away from: sunlight to prevent fading, drafts and cold places to prevent slow operation and freezing, hot places to prevent overheating.
  • Place the base on a stable and flat surface.

Assembly & Warm-up

Mathmos Rokit Lava Lamp Instructions

This product comes with 8 components:

  1. Avoid handling bulbs with your bare hands, instead use a soft cloth or similar. The oil from hands causes hot spots and may cause the bulb to fail prematurely.
  2. Fit the bulb into the product by pushing one end in and springing it into place between the lampholder contacts. Ensure that each end of the bulb is sitting properly in the lampholder.
  3. Fit the glass shield in position. It is essential that this part is fitted in place before use.
  4. Carefully lift the bottle by the neck and place the bottle onto the heat ring from the front of the product. Ensuring it is vertical and stable.
  5. Fit the spun metal cap in place.

Warm up takes between 1-3 hours depending on the surrounding temperature. Stalagmite shapes may form during the warm up process, these will then melt and the lava will begin to flow.


  • Your Mathmos product will operate best after it has been used four or five times. For the first few times you may see small air bubbles in the lava. Please note the heating time will decrease after several uses.
  • Please do not leave the product on for more than six hours a day or allow it to overheat; this will prolong the life of your product. Overheating will shorten the life of the product; if it is overheating there will be either only one large bubble at the top of the bottle or a lot of very small bubbles.
  • Never move or shake the product when it is in use or still warm, as this causes irreparable clouding.
  • It is normal for the glass to have small air bubbles and moulding scars.


At the end of its life cycle your product will start to become cloudy, the colors will fade and the lava will not circulate as well as before. This will happen after about 2000 hours of use. Whether your product has reached its end of life or you want a different colour combination, visit our Spares section for more information on replacement bottles.

If the bulb is burnt out, replace it with a bulb of the same type and wattage. Only use an appropriate bulb as indicated on the label located on the base. For more information on replacement bulbs, visit our Spares section.

IMPORTANT! Allow your product to cool completely before picking it up or moving it. Once your product has completely cooled, use the supplied Allen key to unscrew and remove the screws located on the sides (keep its parts carefully). Carefully lift the cap. Lift and remove the bottle from the base.
Place the spare bottle on the product and see the ‘assembly’ section for assembly instructions.

Safety Points

  • This product carries the statutory guarantee of the country of purchase and meets all the applicable standards requirements.
  • This product is only suitable for connection to a 220 – 240V ~ 50Hz mains supply. It must only be fitted with a 3A fuse.
  • This fitting is a Class II, Double Insulated product and does not require an Earth.
  • Place the product well away from children under 14 years to prevent breakage.
  • If the glass shield is broken or cracked then it must be replaced immediately, please contact Mathmos.
  • Use this product only for its intended use as described in these instructions. Do not use attachments not recommended by the manufacturer.
  • Do not use any other means to heat the bottle other than the bulb provided nor attempt to cool it down artificially.
  • Do not operate the product for more than 6 hours a day.
  • The liquids in the product are not dangerous and can be disposed of normally (for details, see our online FAQ’s at If the liquid is swallowed by mistake, drink plenty of water. If any symptoms appear, please visit a doctor.
  • Never use this product if the bottle has been dropped as this will create weakness; obtain a replacement bottle and dispose of the old one. If the contents are spilt, please dispose of as much liquid and lava as you can remove, then use recommended cleaning methods for removing coloured water and wax for whatever floor you have.

To reduce the risk of burns, electric shock, or injury to persons:

  • Unplug from the outlet before putting on or taking off parts or before cleaning.
  • Never operate this product if it has a damaged cord or plug or if it is not working properly, if it has been dropped or damaged, or if it has been submerged in water.
  • The external flexible cable of this product cannot be replaced. If the cable is damaged, the product shall be discarded.
  • To disconnect, turn the switch to the off position, then remove the plug from the outlet.
  • Never touch the bulb if the product is switched on or if it has just been switched off to avoid burning. To replace a defective bulb, unplug the product and let it cool down sufficiently.

NB. Mathmos Ltd. cannot be made liable for damage or injury caused by improper handling, installation or use of its products.

Waste electrical products should not be disposed of with household waste. Please recycle where facilities exist. Check with your Local Authority or retailer for recycling advice.