Mathmos X Duran Duran

British pop band Duran Duran created an exclusive limited edition to the 60th-anniversary Astro collection. This collaboration marked the third in the series, following previous partnerships with renowned designers. Both Mathmos and Duran Duran take their names from the cult 1960s film Barbarella. The Duran Duran lava lamp was only available to buy through the Mathmos website and became a standout favourite.

Mathmos X Sabine Marcelis

Mathmos collaborated with innovative Dutch designer Sabine Marcelis, known for her sleek and minimalist approach to design. Studio Sabine Marcelis is based in Rotterdam and combines elements of architecture, materiality, and light to create stunning pieces that redefine spatial experiences.

Designer Job Smeets of Studio Job posing with his limited edition Astro lava lamps designed for Mathmos

Mathmos X Studio Job

In 2023 Mathmos marked its 60th birthday by handpicking five designers from fashion, design, and music to craft bespoke range of limited edition Astro lava lamps. The Astro lava lamp was invented in 1963 and has remained in continuous British production since. The Mathmos Astro lava lamp is part of several museum collections and is widely recognised as a pop design classic.

Orange Lava Lamps

Mathmos recently collaborated with the iconic British brand Orange Amplifiers. Both brands were founded in England in the psychedelic 60s and are still going strong; Orange Amplifiers has been making amplifiers for guitars since 1968, and Mathmos, our classic range of lava lamps, since 1963. Both companies boast rich British heritages, high-quality craftsmanship and highly engaged fanbases.

New Lava Lamp Shop

The Mathmos Factory Show room opens during Mathmos’ 60th birthday and celebrates Mathmos’ fresh from the factory, direct to customer business. The showroom is inside the factory where all the Mathmos lava lamps are hand filled and sent out to customers all over the UK and Europe. QR codes in the showroom will take visitors straight to each product’s webpage on their phones and knowledgeable staff are on hand to assist visitors.

Glamorous Lava Lamp Interior

Mathmos was delighted that its giant Saturn lava lamp was selected to feature in the unique Principal Bathroom created by Barlow & Barlow at WOW!House 2023 at London’s Chelsea Harbour Design Centre.

Vintage Lava Lamps

Mathmos has produced the highest-quality lava lamps since 1963, and as a result of this long history we’ve had the pleasure of seeing Mathmos Astro lava lamps pop up in all sorts of wonderful locations ever since. Two of our retro lava lamps are pictured here in the retro locations of 70s House Manchester and The Hippie Shake office. Did you know that items that are at least 40 years old can be considered vintage? Meaning our original lava lamp models Astro and Astro Baby can claim their vintage titles.

New Lava Lamp Design: Evo

Introducing Evo; the hottest new product to join the Mathmos lava lamp range. Evo is our first full-sized candle powered lava lamp.

New Giant Rocket Lava Lamp

We’re thrilled to introduce Rokit into the Mathmos range, a stunning giant rocket lava lamp. This new addition stands 65cm (2ft 1in) tall and is available in five lava colourways.

Lava Lamp Art from Berlin

Three artists based in Berlin have incorporated lava lamps into their work in recent years; Jenna Sutela worked with Mathmos…