Platinum Vinyl Lava Lamps by Mathmos

It was perfect to launch our Platinum Astro Vinyl in the year of Queen Elizabeth II’s Platinum Jubilee. Our Astro Vinyl black was a sell-out,

Outdoor Lava Lamps

Lava lamps are not usually associated with outdoor usage… until now. Mathmos noticed this gap in the market and created the fantastic

How lava lamps help encrypt the internet at Design Museum, Zurich

One of the most engaging and soothing features of Mathmos lava lamps is the ever-changing nature of the lava movement. It turns out that this is also perfect for producing the random, chaotic means necessary for strong computer encryption. Buy Astro About Cryptology A wall of lava lamps encrypts up to 10% of the worldwide … Continued

Giant Lava Lamps at London’s Design University, Ravensbourne

During lockdown, Mathmos ventured into an eerily quiet Ravensbourne University in London to photograph our impressive giant lava lamps

Lava lamps help you relax and relieve stress

Mathmos candle-powered lava lamps are some of the best stress relief and relaxation gifts. In a survey of 5,000 people, 93% of responders told us that their Mathmos lava lamp helps them destress. Give the gift of calm to yourself or your friends and family with our candle-powered range, which includes Fireflow, Pod and Pod+, … Continued

Saturn Giant Lava Lamp

In late Autumn 2021, the highly anticipated Saturn giant lava lamp joined the Mathmos range. Saturn is the biggest production line lava lamp ever made, towering at 5ft (1.5m) high and working right out of the box. No special on-site filling or assembly is required. We challenged ourselves to fill constant requests for a massive … Continued

Lava Lamps for Kids

The Only Lava Lamps Tested Safe For Children Unlike other lava lamps the Mathmos Neo table top range has gone through the demanding process of passing the child safety tests. It is packed with safety features including low voltage power, shatter proof glass and optional table fixing points. Now Available in Neon Pink & Orange … Continued

Original 1960s lava lamp: Astro Baby in Copper

Astro Baby is one of the two original 1960s lava lamp designs by the inventor of lava lamps and Mathmos founder Edward Craven Walker. His other design is the Astro. Both models were originally sold in this lovely copper anodised finish which has not been available in the Astro Baby since the 1980s. Buy Now … Continued

New Astro Vinyl lava lamp

Our new range of classic 1963 Astro lava lamps is inspired by vinyl records. Much like Mathmos lava lamps, vinyl records have lasted the test of time and we think the two have lots in common. Skilled British craftsmen spin the aluminium and etch in the grooves. Then a shiny black anodised finish is applied … Continued

FIRST100 & FIRST10 Limited Editions

For a while now we have been numbering the FIRST100 products made with a unique number. Then on release day, the FIRST100 Mathmos enthusiasts can buy one of these collector’s pieces. We do this because we know we have collectors and enthusiasts who love to collect our products. We do not charge more for them … Continued